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Ideas and suggestions for future updates


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Hello, I would like to share some ideas that may be applied in the future.


- Resources can be configured to randomly appear on the map. (like the npc)


- The "Animation" of the events can be added, changed and removed from the commands



- Increasing the character's stats through variables, for example, a player variable called HP, with a value of 10, this value is added to the player's maximum life. It can also be applied to the other statistics, attack, mana, defense...


- The percentage of bonus effects can be greater than 100%, for example, that when equipping, the EXP bonus is 150% or 200% or more. likewise for the other bonus effects



These are ideas that I think could be practical. I hope some are to your liking.


Note: I apologize for errors in the translation. I did my best with google translate and my limited english.


Thank you.

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