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[FAQ] Requesting Features/Enhancements and Reporting Bugs



Request a Feature

Report a Bug

From now on we are going to use GitHub Discussions to track and request new features and enhancements, and GitHub Issues for scheduled work and reporting bugs.

This is not just so we can kick requests out and never work on them, but we have a lot of open requests that have little community engagement, and many also that lack sufficient details to decide on a final implementation.

Discussions, unlike Issues, actually enable us to have a high-level overview of desired features by the community via an upvote system that is visible from the list!


We don't get that much information from the Issue tracker, it's mostly just showing us tags and other bits of information that are more useful for when something is actually in progress, rather than the beginning stages of a feature request.


This gives us better ability to engage with the community and prioritize features that are actually highly desired by all of you, rather than features getting lost to time on page 6 or 7 of the issue tracker because we have no idea how many people actually want them to be implemented.

We look forward to engaging more with the community with this new change!

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