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Titles Above Player



Hey so I've created a "Title" Item so to speak with an equipment slot for it. When I equip the title, it equips it as if it were a helmet. 


My question is how am I able to adjust the X or Y values of the equipment. I want to make it so the title is above the character sprite?


Thanks guys

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8 hours ago, Push said:

Either have to make the papperdoll bigger/adjust it.

Or you can also use the "Change Player Label" command to add a title. (would be plain text though not image)

I've tried to adjust the paperdoll size but it seems to still bind itself to the helmet section of the paperdoll and not actually the location itself.

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I am actually looking to do this myself soon.

I have played around a bit and I think you can just make the sprite sheet bigger.

For example the size of my character is 32x48.
The whole sheet is 128x192.


Make a sheet 192x288. (tiles 48x72)

that would give you an extra 12px above and below the character sprite to work with 


the character sheet that is 128x192 will sit in the middle-centered of the title sheet 192x288. (if that gives you some visual on where to place the title image)

actually I just checked my own stuff, when I make sheets that are much larger than the character I have been using 64x96 tiles (sheet size 256x384)

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On 10.07.2022 at 05:23, Dabbler said:

Hey, bunun için bir ekipman yuvasıyla konuşmak için bir "Başlık" Öğesi oluşturdum. Ünvanı taktığımda, sanki bir kaskmış gibi donatıyor. 


Sorum şu, ekipmanın X veya Y değerlerini nasıl ayarlayabilirim. Başlığı karakter hareketli grafiğinin üzerinde olacak şekilde yapmak istiyorum?


Teşekkürler beyler

First of all, you need an equipment slot in the character menu, create a rank animation on a character, then create an item, name it rank1, for example, and then add the animation you created as a paperdol to the item and it's ready.

Rank Animations





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