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Using paper dolls with _attack/_cast frames etc



Hi all, 


I'm looking at using the _x sprites system for showing attack/shoot/cast actions. Can someone shed some light on how to use weapon paper dolls with them? I know that the weapon paper dolls exist for doing this, but I don't know how I would use them just for the action frames? How could they be shown/hidden at the right time? How can they layer properly with other paper dolls on the sprite when they don't show all the time? 


Apologies if my q isn't very clear, but if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. 


Cheers all.

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For the purpose of explaining how it works: you can literally go to your character sprite in resources -> entities and find the file (i'll call it "wizard_person.png"). Then copy it -> paste it in same folder -> rename it to "wizard_person_idle.png". Boom, you activated idle animations on the character. 


So now that you added the _idle file, the character idle animation will play after x seconds depending on the variable setting in your server config.


HOWEVER, it is going to expect idle animations for every single item in your game that uses a sprite sheet. 


So now you would have to create the _idle.png file for every item. You create them in the same way you make your normal sprite sheets ... you make it match the "wizard_person_idle.png" animation.

You can do the same for with _attack.png


I am looking for all the possible variables that you can use this for? If anyone knows it...

So far I know there is

i guess you can make custom animations / items types too but idk lol 



here is some video i find too that kinda visualizes how it works. :P



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