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Playable Breath of Fire Awakening: Fangame Release


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Breath of Fire Awakening

Non-Profit, Fangame. All Rights Belong to Capcom.


Please Support the Official Breath of Fire Releases.







Like many of you, I grew up playing the Breath of Fire franchise, and like you I've been waiting for another official BOF release. It has always been my dream to create a Breath of Fire Game. This project is both one of obsession and passion that I have devoted 2 years of my life crafting in between working and school. While I long to follow my dream to make video games for a living, I must work to support my family. So, I'm hoping to transition into making indie games full-time soon, but before I fully committed I wanted to create this game that I've dreamt of. I apologize this game is still a bit buggy, but it is my hope that you will enjoy it for what it is.


I have a strong desire to keep adding content to this game; however, it is at a point that I feel it is ready for an initial release so I can focus on other projects. I know there are bugs that I missed, but I hope you can forgive for them, and I hope you have an enjoyable time playing the game. Let Capcom know BOF is not a dead series, and we long for an official release!

I must apologize for not asking for express permission for many of the resources I’ve used because the secrecy of this fan project was essential. I have listed all credit for any non-BOF resources that I’ve used below. My initial intent was to use only BOF 1-6 resources, but there were many gaps that needed filled or updated.

Please thank and support the individuals listed in the credits.


CREDITS For Non-Capcom Assets


My Creative Process If Interested






Once again thank you taking the time to read the post; I hope you enjoy the game,

Knightmarish Games



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