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Files launch, then close.



So I just checked out the site and saw the engine's been updated a ton, wanted to check it out. I used the upgrade version of the download to upgrade my intersect 4.2 engine to the new one but when I launch the server.exe it opens for a second, puts the intersect logo, then closes instantly, even if I run as admin, I'm not getting any prompts or anything it's just closing itself and that's all. 4.2 version runs fine.


What's the fix here?

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What operating system are you using?

Are you running or

If you are on Linux, what version of mono do you have installed?

Are you running the server by clicking, or from a terminal?

Log files?

Also the upgrade files for 0.7 are for upgrading from 0.6.2, you may be missing files that were included in the 0.4.3~0.6.2 upgrade path.

If you've been away for 5 years it almost makes more sense to just download the full 0.7.x downloads, and start from there. If you have data you'd like to keep, you will need to do more incremental upgrades.

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Windows 10


The stable beta, not nightly.






Where are the log files?


I did consider upgrading by going up version by version, honestly it's easier to just start again. That's most likely why it's crashing then. No worries.
Thanks for the answer. o/

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