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Handshake Error Help!



Not exactly sure whats going on, but im getting a handshake error on one of the clients on the team. Every other build has no problems, but this one does. I assumed it was a problem with dates/times not matching up due to timezones but changing that didnt do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 


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Are they perhaps running a different version of the engine? (for example, the server runs one from the website and the client is compiled from Github)


They need to use the same version as the client checks for version numbers, the website builds are generated only for that build. If you compile your own you'll have different cryptographic keys (Handshake Failed error) and a different version number (Version Mismatch Error)


If someone is custom compiling a server build, they need to share the client and editor with everyone else to avoid this. (Or, for more advanced users copy/paste the key files around and disable automatic generation of new keys in one of the project files)

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