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Open Beta Pokemon Origins @pokemon


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Made with RPG Maker XP!


Post about current progress (required!): I am currently fixing minor bugs in the game. Otherwise - the story and game is complete!


Story Required: The Tirus region holds the darkest secrets of Earth. The land of legends embarks in the final hours of revolution and change. Legendary Pokemon and Trainers have gathered here to witness the dawning of a new, unexpected era. Legends wage war against each other in a struggle for dominance and the future of life on Earth. The ultimate fate of Pokemon and Humans will be yours to decide in an unending cycle of survival. This is a story of Pokemon Origins.


Current Staff: Myself (Yoshi)


Plans moving forward: - I plan to make various edits. Please let me know if there are any game-breaking bugs and I can send a patch out to fix any errors. If you desire to copy the data from the game to your own RPG maker xp, you are more than welcome to - this game is not made for commercial usage. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know!


Why we should play: To experience a darker Pokemon game with some crude humor and a whole new approach to Pokemon story writing. The game, while using third generation graphics and gameplay, is meant to help the player feel like they are playing in a realistic environment with Pokemon in it. Pokemon Generations 1-5 are available in this game. No trades are necessary to obtain all of the Pokemon, and there are no exclusives (but there are very challenging Pokemon to obtain!).


Notice:  This is purely a fan-made game that is not hosted for commercial usage. All of the music and artwork belong to their respective owners.


Onedrive File (1,097,299 KB)https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlS2jnlSUD6UgZkhgebTd7yjmFOnOw


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