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W.S.S World Spawn Events


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W.S.S World Spawn Events

- .This event is one simple system for you can spawn same events (or diferents) around the map. its good to shop travelers, quest chests, some Itens. In this case I will do with  herbs resources spawn using an simple variable calculate.

The system works with you collect one resource in event and before this, another event spawn in another specific map point will be appear. And before I collect all of another configured events, its returns to the first event point.



so lets start...


You have to do:

1x item to resource (you can do with any event type)

 1x global variable integer = 0

2 or more events to effective the system.


*Remembering - You can use the intersect resource system but I want to make this way to ma game.


to end - 

create 2 events maps and put your execution conditions as variable integer = 0 in first event

This first event with 0 value condition is the first event on map when server starts.

In the second event  with execution conditions as = 1 

And if you want to create another events just put 2,3,4....

In the events options just put the way you know and the last command you put ->

----> conditional branch - GLOBAL VARIABLE INTEGER = 2 ? 

If yess --------> SET variable integer to 0.

If no -----> Add +1 variable integer!


This is one basic system and if you put the steps above you can do the events runs by your own without AUTORUNS !


remember! If you want the events has take a time to spawn, just create another page to each event, when you collect or interact you activate some boolean or switch local, and put the conditional options above in the second page!








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