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How can I use variables?




In past i hve worked in rpg maker and i can understand all variable systems by the software. 

But when I work in Intersect Engine i saw some diferences


In rpg maker you use just one variable command and later editing all of system. 


but in Intersect i see some options that i don know . 

What is diference of boolean or string or integer? can someone use an exemple for each one? and the global variable also?


because i know how to work with values and your poasibilities but when i work with this variable types and more global variable im thinking really lost.


I see some ascension systems to study and I'm reading some posts and I'm brazilian is a little hard to learn 

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local var: player variable, Each player will have separate data.

global var: server variable, All players in the server are the same value.


boolean: true or false (if true - do thing, if false - do a thing)

interger: integer max value is about 2 billion ( if var x > 5000 (do thing) )

string: is a text. (var xxx = "I love u").


There are also local and global event

lc event: effects on a player that is interacting with the event

gb event: effects on all player (if player xxx interac with event (event add 100xp), all player + 100xp)

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