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How Does Overlay Work?



My config was set to:


That means each map that I have is exactly 576 x 576 px.  I created a 576 x 576 checkered grid that was partially transparent.  My intention was to use the Overlay in the Map Properties to display this checkered grid on top of my map so I could temporarily see the tiles while in the game. However, instead of being static, the Overlay image followed my character around.  I never used Overlay before, so I didn't know that it was supposed to behave this way.  Also, another thing that I noticed was that my Overlay was distorted.  Instead of being perfectly squared, the tiles were rectangle.


By default, Intersect has the config set to :


That means in the default settings, each map is exactly 1024 x 832 px.  I went ahead and created a new grid for testing purposes that is 1024 x 832.  I was in a hurry, but I think that I got all of the squares right.  I set it to 75% transparency.  You can test it out and see what I mean.  Hopefully you get the same results with your settings.





UPDATE: I can accomplish what I want by using Mask.  I just thought that Overlay would be easier since I just have to select my Grid View image from the drop down menu and click Save.  Using a Mask might interfere with existing Masks?

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44 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

You could throw that graphic over everything on the fringe 2 layer.


Overlay is supposed to follow the character. It is often used for sunbeam effects and the like. You can see something similar in the image below:


To elaborate on his question - is it possible to render a pixel perfect overlay on the screen? No distortion or aliasing? I can see how this difference could make or break several concepts using the overlay system. Thank you for your thorough answers! Love how those light beams look, definitely going to play with the overlays a bit now.

Edit: I understand that he wanted a grid so he could see how it lines up in game, however I feel this question ties into his original point quite well.

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