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Despawn NPCs. Drop Loot from previously killed Mobs.



I put the command Despawn NPC's to clear a map from an event. However prior to that event I killed a mob, and it's drops spawns in when Despawn NPC's is triggered.
- This occurs if a player kills something before Despawn NPC's.


- Treasure Chests, are a Common Event for thieves.

- How do I make Despawn NPC's restrict to one map?
- Any workaround to clear mobs when the boss is killed?

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Nope the most recent one does the same thing lol.

What I think, when Player uses the Common Event Summon Chest. Kills it grabs the loot.  Then goes to kill the Boss mob (Boss is also a Common Event) with Despawn NPC's. It still reads the chest as alive and drops the loot again? Same goes with other Common Event mob that was killed before the Despawn NPC's. I wish I could explain in more detail.

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