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I have 2 questions, how can I create and equip an item to use it in the client (I know that it starts with the item editor but I don't know how to put it to use it in the client) and the other question is how I put clothes on my character

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Ok, quick and dirty, this will cover making an item as well just because its part of the process and others might benefit from knowing how.


Open the editor and the first thing you are going to want to do is click "Game Editors" > "Item Editor"



Once the item editor opens,

  1. Create new item
  2. Select the new item on the list
  3. Edit the items information (icon, name, etc)
  4. Save item



Now there are multiple ways to get the item into the game for you character to use,

  • Monster drops
  • Shop sells item
  • Random item spawn
  • Quest loot
  • Etc.

Ill be covering two basic methods but this will give you an idea of how to use the event editor system.

First is the shops. Open the shop editor with "Game Editors" > "Shop Editor"



Once the shop editor opens,

  1. Create a new shop
  2. Select new shop from list
  3. Edit shop information (name etc)
  4. Add items to sell (the item we just made maybe?)
  5. Click the "Add Selected" button to add it to the list
  6. Save the shop



The next step is to do something with this shop or item to get it in the game, so for that we need to start editing the events. Under map layers, select the "Events" tab.



Once selected, double click any square on the map to add an event (this is where the shop will go for example).

Once the event editor opens,

  1. Name the event
  2. Set conditions, sprite for the npc, etc
  3. Double click the command line (or right click) and add a new command



Scroll down and find the "Shop and Bank" node, then double click "Open Shop"



Select the shop from the drop down and click ok.



Finally save the event.



Alternatively, you can just set the event to give the player the item




Take some time to explore the events and see what all is possible.


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