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Trigger event on hit by projectile



Hi there,


Is there way to trigger event when target is hit by projectile?


Example, shoot projectile -> hit target -> event run that warp target to different location


I try in Spell Editor with Type: Event, Target Type: projectile, Event (my created warp event) but when cast this spell it only warp the caster.


Thank you your time!

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Try to do the following I do not know if it will work I have not tested.


Create a common event, let's call it "event"
Create an spell type event, let's call it "spell"
Create a projectile, let's call it "proj"


In the "proj" place "collision of spells" choose the spell "spell"
This means that when the target is hit, the spell will be cast.

In the event spell, choose the common event "event"


In theory:
1 - the projectile will hit the player and cast the spell
2 - the magic will conjure the event
3 - the event should apply the warp effect you want

But in theory everything is beautiful, in practice not so much.

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I am working on a type of buff for my ninja game where the user is transported behind the enemy when he receives an impact either from a projectile or a physical blow or with weapons, all this modifying the source, so the short answer is YES , You will need to modify the source to achieve this type of skills, a tip is to reuse the existing skills system, what I will do is create a new status effect and I will take advantage of all the operation of the buffs that exist, then I will have a separate skill that is The one that is in charge of teleportation and will launch it when the user receives the damage if the buff is active.

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