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How to change UI position



Good morning people, how's going?


I think for some people is pretty easy change codes in the notepad and things like ''edges and distances'' is like walking. But for no-programers persons like me its very confusing...
My question it's simple, im trying to make my UI graphics of Intersect look from this:





to this:


 as the image suggests, I already know which folders to edit, but I don't know which values to put at the notepad lines :( 
if anyone can make it look like this and send me the files I will be forever grateful, thanks for your time. 

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Look, I am not going to teach everything I know because you are not talking about modifying only one file as you said, but several, at least 4 files.

Go to the files that I speak and put the values in parentheses with quotes.


ChatboxWindow - Alignments = ("Left, Top")
MenuContainer - Alignments = ("Center, Top")
HotbarWindow - Alignments = ("Right, Top") (default value)
PlayerBox - Alignments = ("Bottom, Center")


In player box
Put "true" on the "hidden" lines for the following sections

EntityInfoPanel, EntityNameLabel, EntityLevelLabel, NameAndLevelLabel, EntityMapLabel, EntityGraphicContainer, EventDescLabel, HPTitle, MPTitle, EXPTitle,

StatusArea (In this case the player will not be able to see the debuff and buffs if under one.)

At the beginning of the playerbox remove the value of Texture

In Bounds, change the width and height values.

(How do you know which one? Bounds have 4 values separated by commas - x, y, width, height - Change only width and height so that it fits almost the entire screen (for width) and to be the size of the hotbar (for height), x and y will be changed automatically by Alignments)


After that in HPBarBackground, HPBar, ShieldBar, HPLabel, MPBackground, MPBar, MPLabel, EXPBackground, EXPBar, EXPLabel, change the values of x and y in bounds as you like to make it the way you want from the image above.


If you don't understand anything I said then you will need good luck and patience to do this, or pay someone who knows.

These files were not made for programmers only, it is not necessary to be one to understand, I am not and until I understand enough.

Now I won't be able to make the files for you to upload here.

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