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  1. Você alterou alguma pasta do jogo? Você precisa ter a pasta PLUGINS em resources, FantasyLauncher\resources <<<< tem q ter uma pasta vazia chamada 'plugins' aqui, parece q deu erro pq a pasta plugins não foi gerada na pasta do seu jogo
  2. I was trying to do a invisibility spell but in game when player tries to use it, it plays the animation, but the effect doesn't work. Any ideas? im using intersect version 'cause version is not opening the server (bug that i already reported earlier). tomorrow i'll try version to be sure this feature is not working, thanks in advance.
  3. the title is self explanatory , when i tried to click on npcs to target it won't work, when i tried to click in "local" on chatbox it won't work, any ideas? maybe i should edit some .json file? pls help!!
  4. Good morning people, how's going? I think for some people is pretty easy change codes in the notepad and things like ''edges and distances'' is like walking. But for no-programers persons like me its very confusing... My question it's simple, im trying to make my UI graphics of Intersect look from this: to this: as the image suggests, I already know which folders to edit, but I don't know which values to put at the notepad lines if anyone can make it look like this and send me the files I will be forever grateful, thanks for your time.
  5. maybe desativating your firewall/anti-virus you can fix that, try to open with admin btw
  6. oh really? the client version IS the 1.8 and the server too. That's why im here asking... i just dragged the upgrade 7.108 server AND client to my old one and it started to happen i always upgrade my intersect since beta 1.0 and never happened that, but since 7.106/7.108 version i got this trouble. Im using 7.102 version now 'cause it's ok and with no problems.
  7. okay i did that, here we go: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/c636e6841b7bfe05cd69efd039b7f586.log i got server online for a few minutes (then get offline) but then when i tried to connect at the editor it says 'the version is not the same' im uploading client errors logs as well... https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/42f311484fa1bbdf111df8fc5ee6d3c3.log
  8. errors.log are in the topic https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/51295451ce61080190d66c5abd3f7c03.log i tried to upgrade from 7.0.101 to 7.0.108
  9. i updated my game to .108 version then when i try to open the server.exe it closes at the same time... https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/2309bcee986961b315890588342d1552.log
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