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I am curious if there is a guide or way to create an account using say the Invision Forum software and having the account be linked to that forum account with password and all, possibly allowing for cosmetic shopping. If anyone can help with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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I'm afraid there is no cut and dry answer to this. Your best bet would likely to be to leverage the API the server provides and add a hook to your website registration to also register a game account.


And do the same for whatever purchase methods you decide to include, have it use the API to send the items to the relevant player.

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You have access to the source code of the engine so you can make the changes you want, in case you want to integrate an external forum system you can create your own separate logic but that connects to the players' database and add / remove what If you need, you can modify the cms system so that instead of logging in to the database that it brings by default, it does so with the db of your game.

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