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So since Kasplant posted PokeEngine (the uncompiled version) I decided to release and just create a post of the engine I currently have that is compiled, documented, and ready to go if you are trying to create a Pokemon MMO for the Pokemon Gold series, however, if you are not, it is easily changeable. The GUI in-battle was also changed for Gold style, but can easily be changed as well. This engine is programmed in Visual Basic 6 using the base "Eclipse Origins" by Robin Perris. Pokemon features were added by SherwiN, documentation by yoreC. 

Features it Includes

-Complete Wild Battle System

- Learning Moves

- Forgetting Moves when Learning new one

- Evolve

- Random Wild Pokemon Editor

- Experience Editor

- Random Wild Pokemon Level Editor

- Item usage on both Battle and Not in Battle

- Switching Pokemon on Battle

- Pokemon Formula (Pretty sure its not correct)

- Multiple Character on one Account

- Scrolling Entrance of Wild Pokemon

- Animated HP bar reducing, increasing

- Pokemon-Like Map Name Title

- Player vs Player

- Pokemon Catch

- Pokemon Storage

What it Doesn't Include

- Item Storage  

- Trading (However, most of it is already implemented)

- Gym Battle

- NPC Trainer Battle

- Move Animations and Sound

- Pokedex










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Trading works, except for the actual getting the pokemon, screens are all done etc, just need to actually TRADE, I didn't make the engine though, and SherwiN sadly never completed it :S And oh yeah, I'll upload screenshots too!

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Thank you yeroC and Sherwin for making this engine .

But i need your help when ever i try to register in poke engine client it says server is offline .

 what i do? pls help me

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