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Modifying the engine fonts



Hi Guys!



I recently came across fonts in XNB! I made the tutorial that is on the forum and I had an error when trying to add OpenSans "Regular, Bold". I tried in countless ways and to no avail.

So I started looking for another Font that would be interesting in my UI "Interface" and I came to the conclusion that Arial can be interesting. However the big problem is that I don't understand how to add font effects.


Is this possible to do?




Recentemente me deparei com fonts em XNB! Fiz o tutorial que se encontra no fórum e o mesmo tive erro ao tentar adicionar a OpenSans "Regular, Bold". Tentei de inúmeras formas e sem sucesso.

Então comecei a procurar outra Font que ficasse interessante na minha UI "Interface" e Cheguei a onclusão que a Arial pode ficar interessante. Porém o grande problema é que não entendo como adicionar efeitos da font.

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MonoGames font engine is extremely basic. You can only generate plain fonts from your Windows font folder. If you have an Arial Bold then that can be used. Shadows, Outlines, and other special effects aren't possible.


I'd be open to replacing the font engine with something better down the line, but as of now there are more important systems that need attention. 

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