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  1. Yes, The patch is not applying, I did it manually line by line and it still didn't work.
  2. 1 ° That's it! yeah <3 2 ° - the _idle in character creation is not of great importance at the moment. @Joyce That's what JC talked about frames
  3. Hello everyone. I come to ask for a modification in the source, I hope you can help me. My characters are composed of 4 frames each, and I have the following extra frames: _idle | _weapon | _Cast | _attack. However, somehow, the intersect treats this in a strange way, this in my case. So I'm asking for help from a programmer. We can see in the following GIF that right after attacking the character, the frame changes quickly to the frame_normal Example 1: Example 2: Example of what happened as I could observe: Red: frame normal. Blue: frame idle "Yes, the idle has 4 frames". Orange: Weapon/attack. that is, it happens that when you finish using the _attack frame the intersect sends the animation to the "_normal" frame. That is not the case: We can see this also in: The right would be: If you can help me, I will thank you very much. It is a small problem but I am not a programmer. And I'm lost at the source.
  4. Hello everyone, I believe that one of the biggest design problems when building an interface is open chat all the time. Thinking about it I would like a help from the programmers here in the forum. I would like to ask the system to hide the chat with some button.
  5. I've been working at source to make this change and I haven't been successful. It really is very important!
  6. Hi Guys! ING: I recently came across fonts in XNB! I made the tutorial that is on the forum and I had an error when trying to add OpenSans "Regular, Bold". I tried in countless ways and to no avail. So I started looking for another Font that would be interesting in my UI "Interface" and I came to the conclusion that Arial can be interesting. However the big problem is that I don't understand how to add font effects. Is this possible to do? PT: Recentemente me deparei com fonts em XNB! Fiz o tutorial que se encontra no fórum e o mesmo tive erro ao tentar adicionar a OpenSans "Regular, Bold". Tentei de inúmeras formas e sem sucesso. Então comecei a procurar outra Font que ficasse interessante na minha UI "Interface" e Cheguei a onclusão que a Arial pode ficar interessante. Porém o grande problema é que não entendo como adicionar efeitos da font.
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