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[READ FIRST] Custom Versions


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Custom versions are your domain. Until necessary there will be little to no oversight over your work. While we won't enforce it we do highly encourage the following: 

  • Share your source via a Github repo
  • Routinely pull updates from the base engine to receive the latest performance updates and bug fixes
  • Provide upgrade paths from the base engine so users are not forced to give up their work


Intersect licensing requires that all distributed builds of Intersect's editor and server must be distributed along with it's modified source code! Custom versions without providing the source code will not be permitted!




Please note that custom versions are not supported by the official Intersect developers. If you are able to migrate a project to a custom version you will most likely not be able to convert it back to base. By using a custom version you are at the developers' mercy for updates and bug fixes. We recommend opting for custom versions that receive good reviews/support and versions that are kept up to date with fixes and updates from the base engine. Please don't ask @jcsnider, @Kibbelz, or @panda to fix bugs or help you with custom versions!

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