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WIP Yhuriell Eclipse


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Yhuriell Eclipse is a 2d MMORPG, developed by BraveWolf with Intersect Engine. It seeks to build a realistic medieval world, full of magic, adventures and enemies, but with an evolving story, endearing characters and progress of time, where the decisions you make can affect the game. Choose your side, and live your own adventure.


[For Developers]

I know medieval MMO’s are quite common this days, and most of them use the same formula. Maybe the project will not be the best of his genre, but i want to make an enjoyable experience, and build a world that feels real. Because of this, i want you to give me feedback if you find things that can improve, or aspects of the game that needs a rework(Graphics, Mapping, Storytelling, Systems).





Years have passed since the last great war on the world. The eclipse appeared and with him, the barrier between the world and the banish realm disappeared. A Dark Commander attacked the cities with monster-like creatures, but there was a group of heroes that defended with his last breath the world we live in.


Most of the cities survived and started to rebuild, but despite the sacrifice, there were still dangerous creatures roaming the world, and each eclipse, the barrier broke again, increasing their numbers.


Because of this, a new generation of heroes needs to be trained to fight for the survival of the world, and to try to find an end to the eclipses.


That’s why we are here, on our way to Nexo Island, to train you to choose what you want to fight for.


*Most of the story and lore will be in game, so i chose to only show the core of the story, like what a player would know. *









They are warriors skilled with the sword. They don’t have good magic abilities, but they still can learn a few spells, and elemental spells, besides their signature sword skills. A Luxian is a good short range fighter because they have a good amount of life and a high attack. They can use various types of swords, like sabres, rapiers or blades. The element this class has affinity with is the Thunder.




They don’t have a good attack and defense and his health is low, but they intelligence,faith and mana compensates it. They are good long range fighters, having powerful attacks with different ranges, and support abilities to help on group fights. They use to fight rods that help them to redirect their magic as an attack towards it, magic books that raises their intelligence and magic scrolls that contains quick cast spells. The element this class has affinity with is the Fire.




They have a good amount of speed, that helps them to keep their distance with their enemy. They don’t have as good magic ability as the Yhidirians, but they are not as limited as the Luxian and Keylan. They can learn some support spells and elemental spells, besides their Bow Skills. They need to be prepared for the battle, because they spent a lot of resources on when they go for the long range , but if everything is going wrong, they can use their daggers to outspeed their opponent on a close range combat. They use to fight daggers and bows. The element this class has affinity with is the Wind.




They have strong defense and a huge amount of health, but they are slow, and don’t have good magic abilities. On combat, they can face an enemy face to face and beat them without risking their life, but it gets complicated when the enemy attacks at distance. In group fights, they can use his skills to keep the damage on them preventing the long range fighters from that damage. They use Battle axes, maces, hammers and other heavy weapons to fight. The element this class has affinity with is the Earth.




They are not humans, but a race of elves called Ilfelin. They have a strong connection with the nature, and for most of the humans they are like the rest of the monsters wanting to destroy them. Some humans on the past framed them, and they were rejected by most of the cities. They live on their own territory, far away from the humans, but some humans want to start a war against them to get those their lands. They avoid the fighting, but when there is no other choice, they can choose between all the fight styles. They are the most balanced class. They can use all kind of weapons, but they will have less mastery over them that their human counterparts. The element this class has affinity with is the Nature.










  • All Intersect base characteristics.
  • Player Journal(thanks to Ainz Ooal Gown, for the tutorial and the idea for this and other systems)
  • Player Hunger(You need to eat or you will be dragged back to your checkpoint)
  • Weapon types and Automatic Weapon level up (Use a weapon to kill an enemy to gain experience on that kind of weapon and gain mastery over it)
  • Job Skills(You can level them up, and they can help you with things outside the combat) Current Skills: Mining, Woodcutting,Fishing, Cooking, Crafting, Alchemy, Forging, Lock Picking, Steal, 
  • Various tools(like fishing rod, pickaxe, axe, shovel,big hammer, candle, lock picks)
  • Randomized elemental affinity(Every character is born with certain affinity to some of the 10 elements, and with that affinity he can learn various elemental spells)
  • Different events depending on the hour of the day(server is 15x real time)
  • Different events depending on the day of the week( the days are based on 7 of the 10 elemental gods of the game, and they happen depending on the time of the game, not the real time)
  • Royal Alignment points(If you do things for the army, you will earn them, and if you do things against them, they will decrease)
  • Natural Alignment points(If you do things to help the Ilfelin race, or protect them on any way, you will earn this points, otherwise they will decrease)
  • Quests depending on your alignments
  • Interaction level on NPC’s with benefits on max level( You need to win their trust with certain tasks or quests)
  • Main Storyline Quests(they drive the story forward)
  • Side/Character Storyline Quests(they are like single player quests, that can set an outcome depending on your actions or your alignment, and can affect the way the world is showed to you, but they don’t affect the main storyline quests)
  • Three types of damage(physical, magical and elemental)
  • Each weapon has weapon skill, a powerful skill that has a large cooldown 
  • PK System
  • Upgradeable weapons( each weapon has a + version)
  • Papedolls(Pre-Sets and individuals, the individuals can be dyed)
  • Class mastery system( you can level up your class to specialize on a fighting style when certain conditions are met)
  • And more!






















Maps(for alpha release):

Tutorial -  100%

Nexo Island(Overworld) -100%

Nexo Mine- 90%

Unknown Island- 80%

Bandit Camp- 70%

Ilfelin Town- 40%

Secret Areas- ?% 



Tilesets - 100%

Items - 60%(i already have the items, but currently i’m reworking the items to use only custom assets)

Enemies - 90%

Interface - 10%(Still with Intersect default UI) 


Sound - 20%

Plans for the Future:


Quests: 40%(Most written but not implemented)


Core systems -80%





Depending on how the development go over this month, i have planned to release a public alpha on the last days of the month.

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