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help with a spell script



hi, some one can help me with this trouble. i need to create a spell than use the weapon equiped damage. example "trhow weapon" is a spell that make weapon damage in x tiles of ranges. or "long spear attack" check if you have an spear tipe weapon and make the damage 2 tiles of range.
sorry my english not native

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This can be done with creating a spell for the attack, that has a condition applied.

  1. Create a spell "Long Spear Attack" that does the damage (AOE), has a range of 2, and what ever else you want the attack to do.
  2. Have a condition on the "Long Speak Attack" spell:
    1. Has item equipped "Long Spear"
  3. Create a Item weapon "Long Spear".

This should work for you. The spell will only cast if you have item "Long Spear" equipped.

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