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We need intersect GUI documentation


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So this is the second time I do the gui configuration (first time was with proyecto helheim in 4.9.1) and this is a pain in the ass.


There is no info about how gui elements should display depending on their config values, there is not even info about the different params and how should we use them, so it is impossible for us to tell if gui is working incorrectly because it is bugged or because we are dumb. We are on b6, which is meant to be the last beta version before intersect source code release, we should have documentation about this.

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1 hour ago, Gibier said:

I made a GUI tutorial few year ago and which is working with b5 that could help you:



It's not complete though.

Ty Gib, I already readed your tutorials and they are nice, but I'm talking about some technical documentation

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