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Ummorpg 2d


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2 minutes ago, The Bunny Gamer said:

Instead of asking 


which is basically asking


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2.1.2 No Low Effort Posts

  • Do not submit low effort posts.
    • Low effort posts are posts that are out of context, do not contribute to discussion, or are lacking expecting information.
    • Examples of low effort posts:
      • "Please build my game."
      • "Building a game, apply here." -- With no extra info.
      • "XYZ is not working."
      • Only memes or smilies.
    • Allowed posts:
      • "Thanks/Thank you"
      • "Looking good"
      • "I'll look into it"
      • "Let me get back to you"
      • etc




Try telling us what you actually want help with. A certain aspect maybe?


I think his question is fine. He is only asking if anyone has used it before and what they think.


5 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I'm considering picking this unity engine up. Anyone have any experience or insight with it?


I got it in a sale a while ago. I checked it out and it was decent, has great potential but will take some effort to make a game. I believe "New Eden" game was built with it, so you can see how good it is from that game, as it looks class:



So really depends on how much learning and effort you want to put in to uMMORPG.

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Ainz Ooal Gown Is right, I have been using Unity for around a decade now and i own Ummorpg 2d and 3d with practically all of their community made addons :P (Which is over 140) Ummorpg is a POWERFUL rpg kit, but its not a Competely ready made game. unlike Eclipse you will require programming knowledge, Though also unlike eclipse unity is Extremely powerful, and you will be able to make games eclipse will never be able to achieve! 

New Eden is a great example of the power of this toolkit, But you will require programming knowledge, animation knowledge and more. Its possible to make your entire game from the unity asset store alone without needing to learn animation and barely any programming, but you will be sqeezin your wallet at that point.

If you need any help with Unity or Ummorpg just ask me!

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Are there any add-ons you would consider essential? 

Im definitely wanting to do skill types/resistance type thing(fire/ice/earth). And more stats. Other than that the core features are pretty good. I've noticed the fhiz add-ons. Any experience with his vip content?


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2 hours ago, TheNuclearWolf said:

I dont remember there being any addongs for a good resistance system, And i dont remember Fhiz? I may be a little outdated now haha

Fhiz is a developer for the iMMO series of add-ons for Ummorpg. I couldn't find any good resistance add-ons for the asset either. I did stumble upon another asset that has the feature built in. 


However after some playing around with Unity, I just feel overwhelmed by the amount of features in the editor and lack of coding knowledge. So I put Unity down and picked up GODOT. It's simpler editor, dedicated 2d engine, and python like GDscript has lowered the learning curve enough for me to learn from.

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