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6 hours ago, DaScribe said:

Hi Gibier, Thanks for responding.  I did look at that documentation, but but has blank areas combat.  I'm sure this question had to come up before, but I'm not having much luck searching the forum.


If you have a specific question, it will be more helpful to send it on the Questions board. You can even send a batch of questions.

Also, if you're new, welcome to Intersect!

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27 minutes ago, DaScribe said:

Question 1

How do you enable the character to attack?


Question 2
How do you enable the character to attack with a spell?


Question 3
How do you enable a character to attack with a projectile?


1a. Make sure you read the link Gibier posted first, its not complete but it will get you started. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html


1. Thats going to be in the controls on the client. There is an option on the menu for controls. You will still need to create weapons for them to use later. (https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Items/index.html)


2. You are going to have to create a spell in the editor, and then teach that spell to a character using an item or a event. You are most likely going to use an item for this if you are just getting started, you can do this in the item editor. (https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Spells/index.html)


3. You will create a projectile in the projectile editor and then create a weapon in the item editor that fires said projectile. (No help file for this yet)

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14 hours ago, DaScribe said:

Ok, I've got the projectile going, I'll try the magic one tomorrow.  I'll try to post what was confusing me as well.

Thanks for your help :)


FYI, attacking is automatically enabled, and you cannot disable it. It's the same button as the interact button, strangely. (E)


Building on @Apache_, you can place projectiles in WEAPONS (for a bow, etc) and also SPELLS.


On the topic of resources, there are spell and weapon animations available on the downloads tab. There's an excellent sword animation which shows a real sword swing, and also a pickaxe. There are also quite a few spells. When it comes to projectiles, there aren't many - but considering they should only be a few pixels they shouldn't be hard to draw anyway.

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