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SQL Setting up MySQL database and website interaction


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I don't really know what exactly I am looking for so I am hoping someone here knows how this works together.


I am working to port everything for Revamped over to using a MySQL database instead of flat files.  Currently I have XAMPP setup and running Apache and MySQL modules on my computer.  I do not have a database setup (yet), and am working on a basic schema for it.


The client and server both work, but I am not really sure how to make the server work on a test server...like where does it go, and how to start it?  I would like to set the client up so it checks the status of the server on the website, then is able to connect to the server when it is up and running like normal.


Possibly show the players online on the test website at some point...but I want to stick with the basics of getting some interaction working at this time and am lost on what to do.

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I'm still not clear on where the game server program would actually go on the webspace, and how you're supposed to launch it.


I have done several searches, and manually looked through a lot of posts throughout here and that is one thing I have not come across any steps for getting setup.


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I am not explaining this properly...


For testing purposes, I can launch the client and server and use them this way if I don't have a working database, or using sqlite.


I can even use my local xampp install to allow the client.exe to talk to the server.exe that is on my same computer, or on the local network, to manage a mysql database.


Now let's say I finish client and server, make sweet game for it...I rent webspace from provider to put the server on so the client can connect to the server...


Regardless if I am using flat files, sqlite, or mysql, nothing is going to work, because the server.exe is still on my local computer, and not installed on the physical server.


Like, where does the server.exe get installed on the physical server?


i.e.: People that use JC's service to host their servers...what is the location they are installing them to?

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You don't rent web space/web hosting for game servers. Instead you rent a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server. Which run Windows or Linux that you get credentials to control.


The servers I host using my platform 'appear' to run in the web but they actually just run on a Linux server in a OVH datacenter that I pay monthly for. I just happen to use a web interface that allows people to see and manage the files of their server and relay the console data. For reference I use https://pterodactyl.io, but Intersect doesn't work out of the box I had to create my own containers and do a bit of coding to get everything working. Also, pterodactyl is Linux only. 

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Thanks, that answers what I was asking.


I ran several websites before, using a web host for the space and domain name, but nothing for an actual game server.  I am not looking to rent out anything anytime soon, just get everything planned out properly.


If I was wanting a website that would list players online, and show if the server was up or not, would that be renting out web hosting separately from the private/dedicated server,  or could that be ran on the same environment?

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