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Open Alpha FeX: The Future

Dream Maker Studio

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FeX: The Future "Action game 2D puzzles"


Hello and welcome to my corner!
On this occasion we will share the first Dream Maker Studios project!

Game created with RPG MAKER MV


FeX is a 2D Action game of Puzzles!
They must flee from experiments, open doors, sneak out of the hunting robots that will kill you at the moment, they should not be detected by the video cameras. There are 3 different difficulties: Normal (With 3 lives and they can save the game)
Difficult: One life alone but they can save the game
Ultra Difficult: A life and without saving the game!
The complete game will have 10 levels, in the first level there are 8 screens (1-8)
On the second level (2-10) and so on

FeX is a Garl with good heart, joined the rebellion to dethrone the Dark King who is conquering galaxies at the cost of a very peculiar way of life, you must flee from a maximum security prison to join again with what remains of the Rebellion to defeat the Dark King.

Now we will show you some images of the project and later we will upload an updated video!



(Menu of FeX)






(Screen 2-1)



                                                                                                                                                    (Experiment Room)



                                                                                                                                            (Central experiment)



                                                                                                                                    (Active hunting robots)



                                                                                                                     (When the hunting robot kills you, it makes you dust!)



                                                                                        (Cinematica when you go up and down the stairs!)



                                                                                                                      (And finally the screen of Game Over!)




Well, I hope you like my project!
Later I will edit the post and implement more information and some video!

In the full version we will have 3 languages for the game! Spanish English and Portuguese!

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