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Hotkey Limit

ODestroyeR BR


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Hotkey are dynamic like the rest of the gui. You can partly disable it of fully them.  I would suggest you to take a look on my UI tutorial to learn more about it: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/2298-tutorial-on-intersects-ui/


(In the section How to make modification->How to disable something inside an element)

Also you will have to edit the whole HotbarWindow.json to make it fit with only 4 hotbar. Else you will still have the 6 other hotbar size as empty space. Which will require you to read the 'Change a window's size' part of the same the tutorial's section.


Edit: try to do those change yourself first. But if at the end your not able to make to edit send me both your HotbarWindow.json and your hotbar.png files. I will make the edit for you.

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