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Destroy The Layers - Boss Idea & Sprites


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Terms of use

You must give credit :p just a short sentence containing my name and the idea.



I have recycled an idea from Zelda: Spirit Tracks which is about over ten years old. Basically, there is a big caterpillar-like boss which has normal attacks. When you destroy a layer, it gets more attacks. It gets way powerful. When you reach the head, it gets supremely powerful and mega. When you destroy it you get some items.


Examples of sprites

Also used in my game DDO under the name "Wealthmurk". Free to use with credit! (See terms of use above)

1 - 5e018e4cfd669797e7e6b298e0a1ec13.png

2 - 736d421c7a6b8cf4d992f32d0900457e.png

3 - 52742047f3d459f6a0f6f05817947d35.png

4 - ce14bcc291c3fe61b513e701def8ef38.png


How to use

Firstly, you need to choose how many layers you want. Then, you need to make that many NPC's. Set the NPC sprites to accordingly a caterpillar like creature vertically with that many layers for each layer. See example for inspiration and/or use example if you're lazy lmao. Then, make it so when the 4 layers NPC is killed make it so it spawns the 3 layered NPC, etc, until it reaches the final layer where when you kill it you get a prize. Note - the example doesn't take well to moving cuz I'm lazy and can't be bothered to make the rest of it so just encage it in an NPC avoid box and give it loads of spells lmao if you're using it. If you're not, feel free to do whatever you want.


Credits to Nintendo for inspiring me!

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