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No NPC Condition



The condition of an NPC being on a map is seemingly ignored or I'm just stupid. 


Here is my scenario:

The player enters a room which triggers the spawn of an NPC

on the other end of the room there is an exit that should only be usable once there are no npcs on the map, and do nothing when there is

However when I walk into the event (on touch trigger since it's a doorway) the player is warped regardless of the NPC condition being true or false


what I've tried:

two pages of events: one that checks if there are npcs and one that checks if there are no npcs (using spawn/execution conditions)

conditional branching also checking if there are or aren't npcs on the map

I've also woven in the condition of the map = player map


none of my attempts have worked and would like some clarification as to why it's not working, what will work, and any other easier solutions to my problem. Thanks





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