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  1. Chqp

    Generating Combo Points

    That's a good idea, but wouldn't help me right now. I'll just have to wait for source. Thanks for the help
  2. Chqp

    Generating Combo Points

    So this system won't work until source is out?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to develop a combo point system. Essentially, I want certain spells to add to a player variable (I'll call this a "generator") as well as subtract from the variable. As it stands, I have a common event named +2. This event adds 2 to a PV which tracks this as it grows over different abilities contributions. I then created an event spell named +2 which runs the common event +2. This +2 event spell is then activated on collision through a projectile. This projectile is then used in the targeting type (linear projectile) of a damage spell. I thought this would work but I seem to be wrong. Upon use the spell does everything correct, but not update the PV. Is this the right way of going about this? Or is there a better way? Is this even possible?
  4. Chqp

    No NPC Condition

    The condition of an NPC being on a map is seemingly ignored or I'm just stupid. Here is my scenario: The player enters a room which triggers the spawn of an NPC on the other end of the room there is an exit that should only be usable once there are no npcs on the map, and do nothing when there is However when I walk into the event (on touch trigger since it's a doorway) the player is warped regardless of the NPC condition being true or false what I've tried: two pages of events: one that checks if there are npcs and one that checks if there are no npcs (using spawn/execution conditions) conditional branching also checking if there are or aren't npcs on the map I've also woven in the condition of the map = player map none of my attempts have worked and would like some clarification as to why it's not working, what will work, and any other easier solutions to my problem. Thanks
  5. Chqp

    character select

    I cant seem to create another character. whenever I log in it's just the first character made, and when I try to choose character select in the menu it's grayed out