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Lethal Bosses! (In development)


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English Desc.



Lethal Bosses is a game roguelike made with Construct 2.


(Status: In development)


You must fight with epic bosses with lethal abilities that complicate your game, every time you defeat a boss, another boss will emerge randomly much stronger than the previous one and increase your difficulty, but calm! You will not be totally helpless, each boss that defeats could give you items that will help you throughout the game, or you will even have 10 seconds after defeating him to buy objects from the seller (if he appears, apparently he is somewhat fatigued and does not always want to sell you something.)



This game does not have a story in itself to follow, but it does have a story of why you are struggling to survive.



As many of us already know, magicians, sorcerers, sorcerers, were despised in antiquity, when one was discovered they were executed, however, this sorcerer 898740c9e604d83a910807fdca215275.png (Which is you), your punishment was to be banished to a place with no exit where these fervent monsters live!


There will be more than one character, each one will have a brief review of how they got there, also their statistics will be different, life, energy, strength (The way to unlock these characters will be very special, which I will not mention so as not to take away the magic game.)


There will be several game modes: The classic Arcade, Survival (No objects or special abilities), Challenge (Challenge a specific boss that you have already defeated in Survival to a very epic battle) and Perfect (It is a real challenge, you must defeat the bosses without receiving damage).


On what devices will it be available?

Obviously for PC and Android, I'm working to also include iOS and not leave them out!


When will it be available?

Currently the date is not defined, but it is a project to which I dedicate daily hours! I work independently, the designs, music, etc. I have done it myself, so when I have a safe release date I will let you know!


Will there be a demo?

Of course! Obviously you will not have all the available options for being a demo, but you will have that characteristic of being able to enjoy several minutes defeating bosses!


If you have more questions, you can comment and I will gladly answer them!



Desc. Español.



Bosses Letales es un juego roguelike realizado con Construct 2


Debes luchar con jefes épicos con habilidades letales que complicaran tu juego, cada vez que derrotes a un jefe, saldra otro jefe mucho mas fuerte que el anterior y aumentara su dificultad, pero tranquilo! no estaras totalmente indefenso, cada jefe que derrotes podra darte objetos que te ayudaran a lo largo de la partida, o incluso tendras 10 segundos tras derrotarlo para comprar objetos al vendedor(si es que aparece, al parecer es algo fatigado y no siempre quiere venderte algo).


Este juego no tiene una historia en si la cual seguir, pero si tiene una historia de porque te encuentras luchando para sobrevivir.


Como muchos ya sabremos, los magos, hechiceros, brujos, eran despreciados en la antiguedad, cuando alguno era descubierto los ejecutaban, sin embargo, este hechicero 898740c9e604d83a910807fdca215275.png (El cual eres tu), tu castigo fue ser desterrado a un lugar sin salida donde habitan estos feroses monstruos!

Habra mas de un solo personaje, cada uno tendra una pequeña reseña de como llegaron ahi, tambien sus estadisticas seran distintas, vida, energia, fuerza (La manera de desbloquear estos personajes sera muy especial! lo cual no mencionare para no quitarle la magia al juego.)


Habran varios modos de juego: El clasico Arcade, Supervivencia(Sin objetos ni habilidades especiales), Reto(Reta a un boss en especifico que ya hayas derrotado en Supervivencia a una batalla muy epica)Perfecto(Es un verdadero reto, deberas derrotar a los jefes sin recivir daño).


¿En que dispositivos estara disponible?

Evidentemente para PC y Android, estoy trabajando para tambien incluir a iOS y no dejarlos por fuera!


¿Cuando estara disponible?

Actualmente la fecha no esta definida, pero es un proyecto al que diariamente le dedico horas! Trabajo independientemente, los diseños, musicas, etc lo he realizado yo, asi que cuando tenga una fecha segura del lanzamiento les hare saber!


¿Habra una demo?

Claro que si! Obviamente no tendra todas las opciones disponibles por ser demo, pero si tendra esa caracteristica de poder disfrutar varios minutos derrotando jefes!


Si tienen mas preguntas, pueden comentarlas y con gusto las respondere!















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