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Dev Blog 10/02/2015 - Epic Mapping Tools (Cut, Paste, Click/Drag Tiles, etc)


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Epic Mapping Tools (Cut, Paste, Click/Drag Tiles, etc)

Dev Blog 10/02/2015


I have been dreading this one and was honestly planning on holding out until after closed beta to design it, but here I am. We now have tile selection + click and drag movement!

This means you can grab small or large sections of your map and relocate them as needed. This also affects lights, events, blocks, attributes, and npc spawns. There are also options to only move your current later in case you only want to move a house, or a tree versus all of the map layers at a given time.

That's not all either. The rectangle tool has also been implemented so you can fill a specific area with a tile or group of tiles of your choosing!

Content/Show Off

Tile Selection & Click/Drag Movement


Rectangle Filling of Tiles


Cutting/Pasting Of Tiles


Tile Selection/Droppler Tool


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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