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[SQL] Read her Database SQLite 3


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Heyllow, everyone, I come towards you to appear my tutoriel on this forum.

We are going to approach what concerns the database
* [For all Windows system and in type of connection : Localhost (Hamachi + no-ip) or VPS/Dedicate/Dedicate Session.]

Above you will find all there which you need in the management and the storage of all your data ( Accounts / Players/ Stats / .... ).

To this end we shall need available Navicat : here.

After the installation, open;

Go into " New Connection" and select " SQLite... ".
A new window appears she asks you for diverse information;
In the name of the connection put what you want. -
Checked " New SQLite 3 ". -
Then look for the indexation of the file - > "intersect.db" which is in the file "resources" of your server.
do " Ok" .

And here is you can now navigate in your database.

Noted : 
If you are on VPS/Dedicate/Dedicated Session, it will need to you to make these actions in RDC.

And it's done, end of this tutoriel :)

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Navicat(premium) keep the best for multi database managing.
( I use it for MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQL Server )

The UI of this tool is more agreable to use, and you have a query editor,(usefull for JOIN for more of 3 tables/collumns, just having to take the collumn you need like : here),   trigger  f(x) construtor and some other functions for helping you to build a better SQL Structure.
+ Edited

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