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Few questions



Hello, i have been using this engine for a few days and find it brilliant. 

Just wanted to check that i am correct in thinking these options are NOT currently available.



  • Click to move.


  • Auto Attack.      (click once and keeps attacking so it is not key bashing for mele)


  • Npc can drop more than 1 item upon death. (eg coins, weapon and trash)


  • Common event editor (player death is not working)?


  • Common event editor commands (we can give xp but we cannot remove xp)


  • Turn on the spot  (hold down a key eg ctrl and change direction on the same tile.


  • Diagonal Movement.




Many Thanks for your answers in advance. if they are not available at this time is it likely they will be released or will it have to wait until the source is released.


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Hi so here's your answers to almost all your questions:


click on move: no you will need to edit the source when they will come out.


Auto attack: You will also need to edit the source for that.


NPC drop more than one item: The engine already have that feature. You have a slider where you choose with item the npc will drop and how many different item.


Common event editor commands: Sorry i don't know the answer.


Turn on the spot: You will have to edit the source for that. For now the only way to do that is by event and mouvement key dont trigger event.


Diagonal mouvement: also need source edit.


Only the engine developper can tell if those feature will be added but they are not on the road map so i don't think so.

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