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Game start with invisable player



I bet this has been asked before but i couldn't find it here.  I know in other engines similar to this, there was an option to set your character as invisible. 


I want to basically start my game off with a cut scene and have the player come into the cut scene after.

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1 hour ago, BigSun said:

Engine have invisible effect.

So as not to depend on the effect time I suggest use invisible (clear .png img) sprite.
Events -> Change Sprite

P.S Oh, nickname will not be hidden 


The set road option have a feature to hide name, i think it's available for player.


So what @kronoX1 will have to do is:


1) Set is class with the sprite invisible.png (no pixel on the spriteset)


2) make a player variable


3) create a event trigged by login


4) put in this event like you want (at the start of it make a "set road" to hide the player name (with wait for player complete route)


5) dont forget to make another player route to unhide the player's name and set the sprite you want.

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