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Need Help Megania Online is recruiting!


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Hello there!

My name is Angel, I am a 27 years old programmer and primary school teacher.

I have been the last 2 years looking for a game that catches my attention but most of the mmorpgs 2d or 2,5d I found were empty, and if not they where in Alpha or early stages for many years (meaning it will never see the light).

I have played a lot this genre and I really know what players are looking for.

My objective with this project is to build a friendly 2d MMORPG where the main features are open pvp and teamhunt.

I must say I started yesterday but, since I have a half-time job I can spend maaaany hours mapping.

Since my programmer career ended 6 years ago and I barely remember much but the development of a webpage and marketing online is one of my strenghts.

Im still editing these maps but here u have a small sneak peak





I created this post to find other Dev In the same situation than me, that couldnt find other entertaining 2d mmorpg games like ultima, tibia, etc that could help me, creating maps, events, basic combat system or providing sprites. Anything is welcome!

I spent yesterday all day looking for open source sprites, creating the classes, and watching videos/reading tutorials about Intersect engine. But still, there are a few things I am not able to do, for example the Knight I created doesnt autoattack monsters if I dont spam E key...


I have knowledge creating videos, developing websites, mobile apps and a little bit of photoshop.

Note: I did starting area, half city, a swamp and a campment in the same afternoon that I installed Intersect.

As I said, the goal is to create an mmorpg 2d open world pvp with a mobile app. The property of the project will be 50/50.





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That mapping is absolutely horrible. I'm sorry, but someone has to say it or you won't improve.

Constructive Feedback is important.


-Too much going on.

-Too much clutter. You're building a world, remember that, you don't need to cram everything close together. Like putting your spawn next to a camp, one map from a town. Don't worry about putting in maps that have no purpose, forests, roads, fields, etc. It gives the world a large feeling and always comes in handy for adding content later on.

-Too many different art styles blended together, it just doesn't work, decide on an identity and go with it.

-I understand what you mean when you say "ultima" - you've clearly been influenced greatly by it's art direction, however it's not 1998, the era of randomly mashing graphics together and getting away with it is over. We can all say with complete confidence that Ultima looks like crap.



On the bright side, I can feel your passion. You really want to do this. If you're really into it then check out some mapping tutorials and improve your mapping- the one problem I always have is I lack the motivation to map so I'm always looking for a mapper. I'm a pixel art/design/music guy. I also have some programming knowledge. I'm literally sitting on the assets to make two playable games, tilesets/ui/icons/characters/monsters/music/sfx, but because I hate mapping that much (I just don't enjoy it)  I haven't actually used the assets to make the world. I used to have a buddy who would map, but when he had to map a 90+ map dungeon (I ran around and laid it out, he only had to put decorations, traps and monsters in it) he came online less frequently because he didn't want to do it and we just stopped talking to each other when I got bored of chasing him down.


I'm going to drop you a message on Discord, we'll see what's up.

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