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Game Car Guessing Game - Demo for client

Python Panda

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Figured I'd share this with y'all. Its just a basic demo for a client I will be meeting with tonight.


Android System only for right now. iOS will come after Droid is completed and running.

- Load/Save games (Name of game is based on datetime right now)

- Beginner Level only (holds about 4 or 5 pictures)

- Life ines (50/50 or hint) - No down falls to using them right now

-Point system - Basic get 100 points per correct answer. -100 if wrong answer.

- Lives - start off with 5 lives (Still inthe works. you guess wrong you lose a life) Will have more info on how this should work after tonight.

- Images loaded via internet/cell data so play and choose wisely which settings you want to use to load images. (all low quality crap right now)

- Data loaded from local json file.

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