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Event Spell on NPC



Hello guys,


In my game, the first boss waits the players in his "room", so I created a common event name Test Summon with Spawn Command, 3x 'Ceifador' in specific tyles of the boss room. After that, I created a Spell with the name Test Summon, with the Event Type running the "Test Summon" Common Event, then I set my boss NPC to cast the Spell "Test Summon." 
But it happens that the NPC casts the spell, I see him wasting mana and a specific animation running over his sprite. But the Spawn does not work. Here are pics of the editors:






How do I make my Common Event be triggered by the NPC?

Ah, I have learned the Test Summon spell on my character, and whenever I cast the spell, the NPCs spawn.

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