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[asking for tutorial] gui


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Hi guys,


I was wondering if someone could make an gui edit tutorial. I saw the xml files and they are big, so maybe someone could explain the basics(both main and in game) so we all can save some time. For example, how to resize windows or modify what they show.


If nobody want to I'll when I study it well, but may take a few days.


Good luck!

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Also be careful, they're changing in Beta 5.  The options and their meaning will remain the same, but the file format will change and changes made now would have to be manually transferred over later. 


For reference: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/2430-dev-blog-11282017-jsonification/?do=findComment&comment=27904


Once we're happy with the state of UI I will be taking the liberty to do a rather large write up in the official docs.



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