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Common events not working on 4.7?



Hi guys,


Are common events working well on 4.7?


I'm creating very simple common events which have to send a message to all online players. But, instead, it only sends the message to the one who activates that common event. Tried 2 ways, "none" triggered one called by a common event(first case), and "autorun" triggered called by turning True a global variable, which only shows the message to one random player, not all. I'm testing using 2 accounts from the same pc that hosts the server(on localhost).


Are common events bugged? How could I do something like this?

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Hey !


I've downloaded a fresh 4.7, and made a couple of tests.

I haven't find any problems with the common events, it's working like a charm !


I have successfully showned text to every player when only one of them did an action on an event (for test purpose).

Here is my logic flow :


Common Event 



Event that trigger the common event






I haven't take time to name all my switches / events / conditions correctly, hope it won't bother you ;)

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Thank you man


I don't know what am I doing wrong, even creating the very same event is troublesmome and works just sometimes, I guess I'll try downloading intersect again.


Good luck!

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