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Timed Mini-Game


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I'm going to show you how to set up a timed mini-game in Intersect. It's quite simple, and can be used for not only mini-games but quests that require tasks be done in a certain time as well. To start make an event that will initiate the actual mini-game or quest:




Here I've created an event called maze start which I put at the beginning of my maze. One switch called Killer Maze is set to True on start, and a variable is set to 0. The variable will increment depending on how much time has passed, but is reset to 0 each time the maze is started. The event is also set to Autorun, but may be different if you wish to start your event through a player action. The Spawn/Execution Conditions are set up as such:



This ensures that the Autorun portion does not continually play.


Next, we will create a Common Event which will serve as the actual timer. Using a Common Event for this purpose is optimal, as it will continue to run no matter which map you navigate to.




Here the common event checks to see what each variable "Killer Maze Time" is set at, then waits so many seconds before changing the variable again. In my case I wanted to have different time periods for different rewards hence the variable is changed 4 times. Though not necessary, you can display a chatbox text each time the variable is changed indicating how much time is left, or what stage you are at in your mini-game etc. Lastly, to ensure the Common Event is not always running (since it's set to Autorun) we create a Spawn/Execution Condition telling it to start only if the switch is True:



And that's how a timed mini-game is done. Hope this helps someone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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