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Concept A world where the NPCs know there in a game


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So today at work I've been thinking about how I want to dev my MMO and a thought accord to me. What if the game world knew it was a game? 


Probs not making much sense here but when we play games all the NPC's we meet to act as if the game is real life but what if those NPC's acted like this was a game and they know it is? 

I was thinking should I make it like this? So When you talking to an NPC they will say things like "To access's your menu screen you can just press enter" or "The raid there will reward your character with the highest iLV gear and IF you do wipe against the boss in the raid you'll just restart the fight with your health and Mana restored."


But would this break immersion for some? As this wouldn't make it feel like it's a fantasy world were entering but a virtual world.


What are your thoughts?

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It would work for a comedy/parody game, though the problem is that the same type of humour over and over again gets old really fast. I don't think this is a good idea for an MMO, unless you can back your world up with some REALLY clever writing.

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