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Need Help [Paid] Spiri, Comissioned Card Artist Wanted


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Spiri Online:

Engine: Salem Framework [Custom]

Theme: WitchCraft

Genre: RPG Card Hybrid


    Spiri Online is a multiplayer cardgame, RPG hybrid. Each Player gets a deck with a single familiar which may take actions through "spells" from their library. Each card represents a spell and each spell contains instructions for what actions your familiar may do. Your familiar may gain experience points through matches to level up and boost its base stats.

    Each beast is typed based off its season, different seasons allow for different spell types and abilities. Each season is strong, weak, and neutral to 1 season each. Seasons also change the appearance of a beast. For example, A "Salem, familiar of Autumn" (as shown in the example card below) will look different from "Salem, familiar of Winter". Winter may be a white beast, while Autumn may be black. I will need 4 versions of each familiar, 1 for each season. Each spell will be unique and limited to only one (or hybrid of multiple) season(s).


What I need:

I'm currently looking for someone to do commissioned art work. I'm developing a series of cards for this project. I basically need flat painted images for the art for the cards. This is a place holder card I made using an image i found on google, I'm looking for a similar art style.

How many unique cards are expected?

A new set and competitive season in the game will release at either the equinox or solstice of each season. Each set needs to release the following...


Cards Per Set:

  • 5 Familiars, (2 Very Rares, 3 Bulk Rares)
  • 1 Legendary Familiar, (1 Legendary Rare)
  • 30 Summer Season Spells,  (4 bulk rares, 2 rares)
  • 30 Autumn Season Spells,   (4 bulk rares, 2 rares)
  • 30 Winter Season Spells,   (4 bulk rares, 2 rares)
  • 30 Spring Season Spells.  (4 bulk rares, 2 rares)

Total: 121 Cards


Along with the release of the game (Not included within the first season's set) needs to release 4 basic starter decks (one for each season) which must include 1 bulk rare familiar, and 39 common/uncommon cards.

Example Card (I have a PSD for the card format):




More about the artwork:

The game is themed around magical fantasy. Most cards will be themed around magic beasts
(Phoenixes, Dragons, Serpants, and Liopleurodons [magical Liopleurodons] )


Application: (Private Message or a reply)





Requested Commission Price per card art:

[Attach artwork you've designed that may match what I'm looking for, i will not hire you if I cannot see demos of your work]


Payment to be negotiated.

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