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Level UP Formula


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Hi everyone, I would like help and ideas to create a formula to increase levels, I am creating the game Elder Tales and I need to find a good formula to raise the level of players, remembering that my game is in the style MMORPG 2D, same used in the intersect but in unity engine.


The formulas of HP, MP etc are already defined, I need only a good formula of level up, who can contribute I am grateful.


I will study every suggestion.


I was thinking of something like that.




But I would make some adjustments to the initial xp and max level.



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Well, first. You should cast to int only at the end for more accuracy. Let x and y as float and replace the return to cast the whole return instead of only one part. And it is more optimized. 


This seems me correct. 

There's not better solution than factorial.  


I will think about it tomorrow to make this better (maybe). 

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