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Have any of you all seen Chuck? This is currently my favorite show of all time above Lost, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Walking Dead, 24, House, Burn Notice, and everything else I've watched.

The show starts with this guy named Chuck.

Chuck-Bartowski-chuck-and-ellie-bartowski-25464339-267-400.jpg            52299cae55.jpg

He is the equivalent of a Best Buy employee (they call it Buy More) who ends up with a government prototype of a fully stocked intelligence database stuck inside of his head. He quickly turns into an asset (being the only guy who knows all of the CIA's top secrets) and develops into a bad ass throughout the show.

It takes awhile for Chuck as a character to take off but the show balances that out with Sarah, his CIA handler which, let's be real, is a good enough reason to watch the whole entire series by itself.

I won't ruin the plot but the show is funny, dramatic, has plenty of action, great character development and leaves plenty of room for plot twists. All 5 seasons are on Netflix and if you ever have time to watch just the first two episodes I bet it will hook you too!


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