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Three questions



Hey guys! I'm really blown away by this engine and the fact that it's free makes it even more epic.


So I'm at the process of making my own game but I have 3 questions.


1. If I make a game in this engine, can I sell it for money? Or can I only distribute it for free?

2. I'm a complete noob when it comes to servers. So basically how can I host this game on a server? Can I host it on my computer?

3. If I wanted to purchase a server for example for 100 people, what services should I use? What would you recommend and how does that even work (how do I upload a game to a certain server and make it work for everyone etc)?


Thank you for your answers. Like I said I'm a complete noob when it comes to servers so I appreciate your help.

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1.  As long as the graphics and content in the engine are owned by you or have free commercial usage rights you can make all kinds of money with Intersect (memberships, micro payments, etc).


2. Basically you run the server application on any Linux or Windows machine (Linux is a lot harder), meaning your computer would work. You configure all firewalls to allow traffic to your server application with a process called port forwarding and then you can get as many players online as that machine can handle. 


3.  Almost dedicated or virtual private server you can buy online will work but that means you have a whole new machine to setup, keep updated, port forward, secure, etc. I'm in talks now with a hosting company that would make intersect hosting extremely easy starting at like $10/month

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