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A little help


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first question:


to create a teleportation case you need to click on the attribues button of main main window and select the teleportation checkbox. 


second question:


Open the npc editor window and select the type "attack if attacked" or "attack if can see" (not sure what is write, my version isn't in english). After that, you will need to add them on the map:

click on the npc button on the main window and add the wanted npc.

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You can do it easily with the event editor. It's really powerfull. Take a look to this it and be sure to understand the event. It's one of the most important thing if not the most important.


You can create it like you want with your condition player have finish the quest X, is level 10 or more, (maybe even genrer).


You could do something like:



Have item: money (x60)

Have finish quest 3


Show options: 

  - I need a room for tonight

    -> teleport the player on the bed tiles

    -> regive all HP 

    -> take off 60 money to the player

  - I don't anything, but thank

    -> show text


Sorry i'm not on the pc right now so I can't show you picture of this.

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I  think I got it almost set right


is wasd only key setting because or can I set arrorws up then an action button

I don't seem to have an action button

I am sorry for being a noob
You guys are my only hope :P

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