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I'm working on a 2D Dragonball Z MMORPG!


I'm in need for Mappers! If anyone wanna map and join our unique development Team just let me know asap! We're setting up Closed BETA Release now, but won't release the game to the public for a Month or so.


We have enough maps done to get to level 40 with no problems.


If anyone wants to help us out with mapping that be amazing and very helpful!


Also you can sign up to my Forums and check out our Mappers Contest!


Forums Located Here: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/thread/26/mapping-staff-position-contest


We need a mapper that can do advance mapping like Dungeon Work, Unique touch ups and Nothing made with a blind monkey!


We thank you all for trying out and joining our little Map Contest!


You can see some of the examples in our video as well to give you some type of thought.


Heres a low quality gameplay video made: 


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